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Full-Service Tech Delivery Partner

See across your project portfolio.

Who are we?

  • You're responsible for day-to-day operations and project implementation, but don’t have time to be paged into everything, and might not have a team with the right experience to manage a software project.
  • That's where we come in: we strive to provide you with effective tools for monitoring progress, aligning budgets, and gaining visibility across your portfolio of projects.
  • Beacon is the technology delivery partner for transportation agencies across the full lifecycle of a technology deployment.

Project Toolkit

Schedule Management

Navigate Schedule Changes

  • • Automatically populate actual v. planned progress from disparate data sources.
  • • Quickly grasp schedule change impacts and dependencies to shorten the overall project.
  • • Be armed with the right data for targeted, informed discussions on project direction and priorities.

Budget Tracking

Invoicing v. Work Completed

  • • Streamline oversight with integrated project and billing tracking, staying informed without drowning in daily details.
  • • Layer billing over project progress to spot discrepancies.
  • • Boost accountability by identifying and addressing early discrepancies between billing and deliverables.

One-Click Traceability

Single Source of Truth

  • • Maintain a formal change management process, perform impact analysis, and reveal dependencies—making it easier to bring in the right decision-makers at the right time.
  • • One-click traceability matrix creation—from code to communications.
  • • Get requirements and test cases out of spreadsheets to empower your teams with a single source of truth and enhance collaboration.

Experts in Software Development.

  • Leverage a team with deep software engineering experience. Our dedicated team offers guidance on actioning insights, inspired by agile and responsive private sector principles.
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