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Shine a Light on
Your Developer

Identify, Measure, And Improve

Tools and processes for software development are inefficient and inadequate. Code commits, daily standups, and constant status updates are not sufficient to succeed.

Beacon detects, aggregates, and analyzes development activity so there’s less rework, shorter cycle times, and reduced turnover.


Happier Developers, Higher Retention

Software development teams are inundated with burdensome tools and processes. 

Increased rework, long meandering cycle times, and developer turnover lead to low productivity and predicability.

Improving the development experience (DX) is essential to making employers more appealing.

Level Up Your Team, Continuously

Beacon aggregates development data, qualitative feedback, and SaaS app data in real time to quantify technical debt, surface improvement opportunities, and provide status insights.

Acting on this timely and actionable intelligence gives your team members multiple paths to growth.

Remote Developers are Awesome

Remote Engineers are Awesome.

Geographic flexibility opens many avenues to finding talent and building diverse teams, but is also difficult to scale.
Beacon connects development environments to simplify collaboration and eliminate geographic and time constraints that hinder productivity.