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What is Interpretive AI?

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We often think of Generative AI, the type of AI that generates content or code in response to prompts. However, Interpretive AI, or “SynthAI” as some call it, offers even greater promise.

Interpretive AI distills vast amounts of information, data, and code, providing targeted, context-aware insights for decision-making. Rather than creating content or code from prompts, Interpretive AI synthesizes large amounts of data, simplifying and improving workflows.

Software applications

In software development, the ability to crisply distill information bridges the gap between “the business” and “the code.” This helps companies to streamline their processes and understand how projects are going (what Beacon is here to solve)! By providing context-aware and cognizant insights, we can transform the way we leverage AI in decision-making processes.

Domain-Specific Data Layers

The next frontier in the evolution of AI incorporates of domain-specific data layers on top of existing AI models. Fine-tuned models trained on domain- and use-case-specific data sets will allow AI systems to better understand and address the unique challenges and requirements of each domain. By integrating these specialized models, AI technology can offer more targeted, context-aware insights, ultimately driving innovation and enhancing decision-making processes across various industries and applications.

Context-Aware Insights

For this type of AI to be useful, it must be cognizant of its target audience. Understanding whether the synthesized information should cater to a high-level executive audience or provide more detailed insights for a technical audience is key. The process of distillation should be adaptable to the needs of various stakeholders, recognizing that the definition of distillation varies among individuals.

The Promise of Interpretive AI

While Interpretive AI is still in its early stages, its potential is immense. Interpretive AI will play an increasingly important role in decision-making processes across various industries. With its ability to distill vast amounts of data — from all sources (source code, project management tools, requirements, standards documents) into targeted insights, Interpretive AI will ultimately help humans move faster and more efficiently, with more visibility to make smarter decisions.

Author: Beacon