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Our goal is to support knowledge sharing and discovery among those in the field. 

We attended both The AASHTO Spring Meeting in Seattle, WA from May 15-18 (link) and The AASHTO Committee on Traffic Engineering 2023 Annual Meeting in Tacoma, Washington from June 25-28 (link), captured the discussions, and distilled them into a Beacon Knowledge Graph.

Below is a resource that shows the connections and patterns between discussion topics, state agencies, and details from those conversations. This dynamic graph visually maps the relationships between the various topics discussed, ranging from traffic management trends to road safety to intelligent transportation systems. It highlights the diverse mix of participants, and their perspectives. The graph offers a holistic view of the knowledge shared during the meetings — and we hope it’s a valuable tool for you to explore. 

Blue nodes represent Discussion Topics; Green = States / Entities; Grey = Details into the discussion

You can CLICK and DRAG individual nodes and ZOOM to see connections and details. Best experienced on a Desktop computer.

Beacon Interactive Knowledge Graph