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The Lighthouse: Beacon Improves the Developer Experience!

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Our Product is receiving early rave reviews. We are thankful for the feedback from our design partners:,, and

Limited Openings remain for design partners, and we welcome your referrals. An ideal partner profile:

  • An engineering leader (frontline manager, director, or VP) who is fed up with a lack of developer experience tools. And who are ready to do something about it.
  • Medium-sized teams (20-50 engineers in total), dealing with remote or hybrid challenges.
  • A beta-tolerant organization that can streamline internal reviews in exchange for a potential competitive advantage.

Our Reputation grows, and we’re pleased to welcome our newest advisor: Khalid El Khatib. Khalid is the CMO at Stack Overflow, the world’s largest developer community.

We are Hiring, and welcome your referrals. The two most pressing positions are Head of Marketing and Software Developer. Others will soon follow.

The DX space is heating up:

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